Shake Shack Launches Online Ordering App for Android Users

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Shake Shack partnered with Olo to launch an online ordering app for Apple users in late January. But now Android users will no longer be left out because the Shake Shack app is now available on the Google Play marketplace. 

According to a recent press release, the iOS version of the Shake App has been downloaded 350,000 times and that the orders made online are 15% larger than the ones made directly in stores.

The iOS launch was deemed a success by the brand. So far, 3% of sales are made on the Shake App.

“We created the Shack App to make the Shake Shack experience even more convenient, allowing our guests to cut the line and get their Shack on their own terms,” said Randy Garutti, CEO of Shake Shack in a press release. "Working with Olo helped us fast-track our work on the Android platform so we can now provide the Shack App experience to all of our guests.”

Besides ordering and selecting the time to pick up their order, guests can save favorite orders, find the closest Shake Shack location, learn nutritional information, see current promos, and much more.

“This new platform will further elevate both the in-Shack guest experience and take out by allowing consumers to order ahead from the convenience of either their Android or iOS device without the wait or long lines,” said Noah Glass.

Shake Shack landed at No. 2 on Foodable's National Top 25 Restaurants, a list that is comprised of five tracking categories of the Foodable Labs’ Restaurant Social Media Index: Sentiment, Influence, Engagement, Social Restaurant Visits, and Mobile Engagement. Shake Shack had the second highest Overall score of 479.64, which is out of 500. Specifically, the brand has a high Mobile Engagement score of 93.78 (out of 100.) We saw that 43% of Shake Shack socially engaged users are on Android and the other 51% is on Apple.

So it was a smart move for the brand to cater to the large population of their customer base that are Android smart phone users. However, with the iOS launch, the brand gave a high value offer of a free burger. For its launch on the Google Play marketplace, new downloaders get a free order of crinkle-cut fries if they spend $5.00 or more from July 10th to July 16th. 

Starbucks, arguably the king of mobile ordering, recently announced that its mobile orders grew from 7% to 8% of all transactions. Shake Shack is already seeing 3%, but it has a bit to go to catch up.