Subway's Tech Chief Leaves as the Brand's App Launches

iTunes preview of SUBWAY® App

iTunes preview of SUBWAY® App

Subway is one of the many restaurant giants struggling to keep up with today's influx of innovative and tech-savvy fast casual concepts.

In an effort to compete, the sandwich chain is rolling out a new app, along with digital kiosks.

However, while in the midst of this digital revamp, the chain's Chief Information and Digital Officer Carman Wenkoff will be leaving the company at the end of this month. 

“During his five years as head of the technology group, Carman helped build a strong foundation and developed a Subway digital team that will continue their innovative work to transform the customer experience at Subway restaurants around the world," writes Subway.

The company did not reveal where Wenkoff will be venturing to. Perhaps it's a fast casual brand? 

Subway's newly release app is available for guests to use at 26,000 of the brand's 27,000 stores. User can now order and customize their sandwich. 

“We are investing heavily,” said Wenkoff previously about the new digital rollouts to "Bloomberg." “We’re also asking the franchisees to put some skin in the game. Our franchisees are with us 100%.”

Like both Panera Bread and Starbucks, the brand has been testing dedicated pick-up areas for mobile orders. The sandwich chain is also planning to jump on the kiosk bandwagon by introducing touch-screen ordering kiosks and has also been testing delivery partnerships with third-party services. 

Not only has the chain been experiencing one of the worst sale slumps it has ever had, Subway has had to deal with the backlash from when its longtime face of the company, Jared Fogle was put in jail back in 2015. Then the founder and president Fred DeLuca passed away that same year.

Will Subway's new tech help the brand make a comeback? Or is it a little too late? 

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