How These Tech Companies are Helping Restaurants Help Customers

Video Produced by Denise Toledo and Vanessa Rodriguez

With an industry that is constantly evolving, it’s important to anticipate the needs of business owners. Many companies serving the industry have already begun to do so. Trends like off-premise food service and extracting consumer data have influenced tech companies to leap into the business of providing solutions. Foodable spoke to some of these companies at the 2017 NRA show to see how they’re improving customer service.


Sling is a smart solution to the common scheduling conflicts restaurants are constantly facing. Managers can easily schedule employees by name or by position. They are notified when they start scheduling an employee for overtime and can easily approve shift trades from within the program.

Managers can even keep track of how much a particular shift is costing them in labor and can view that cost as a percentage of their net revenues– bringing a new level of efficiency to labor costs.


Recently acquired by Yelp, Turnstyle is bringing a wealth of customer data to restaurant operators who already offer free WiFi to customers.

Turnstyle applies their hardware to a restaurant's WiFi. By allowing a restaurant’s patrons to easily log in to the WiFi using social media accounts, customers are satisfied and the restaurants now have access to demographic and preference data on their customers. This gives restaurants a leg up by being able to more easily quantify their customer base, so they can provide better experiences for them.


Catering is a great way for restaurants to increase sales. However, creating a catering program requires a bit of coordination and is not always feasible for restaurants.

That's where ezCater comes in. ezCater is laser-focused on the business catering market. Connecting to a quality catering program can be difficult and often requires a bunch of research and calling around. But, ezCater makes ordering catering easy for businesses! Companies can browse a number of restaurants and their menus via the ezCater app or website. Once an order is placed, the restaurant can decide whether or not to accept. ezCater is making it simple for restaurants to jump on the off-premise foodservice bandwagon. 


Nowadays, everyone is constantly connected to their phone. Created by a man who was frustrated by the lack of charging ports available when he went out, UNiCharge is a new solution for restaurants who want to keep their customers connected. Customers can now pick up charging blocks available at host stands that work for both Apple and Android (as well as any USB charger) and use them as they dine or drink– upping the level of service at any hospitality location.