The Barron Report Podcast is Now Available on iHeartRadio

Today, more readers are becoming listeners. 

Podcasts and audio platforms are on the rise. According to Edison Research, 112 million Americans listened to a podcast in 2017, which is a 11% spike from 2016. 

About 42 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly and 65% of podcasts are listened to on a phone. 

Only 52% of podcasts are listen to at home, meaning a large percentage are listening in the car, at work, at the gym, or while out and about. 

Restaurant brands aren't the only ones catering to the on-the-go consumer, publications are providing content on multiple digital outlets, whether it be through social media, podcasts, or Apple News.

Foodable Network has been ahead of the curve by making sure its audience is able to view their favorite Foodable shows and podcasts on-the-go and on multiple different outlets, including iTunes, Amazon, Facebook, Apple News and Twitter.

But, now one of the most popular podcasts by our network, The Barron Report will also be available on the internet radio platform, iHeartRadio. 

"Today, quality content is the differentiator for any brand, we are excited that one of our feature podcasts, The Barron Report will be syndicated for millions of more listeners on iHeart Radio," said Paul Barron, executive producer and editor-in-chief of Foodable. "Building great content for the future of foodservice business professionals is our goal here at Foodable Network and we will stop at nothing to deliver on our promise of telling the most compelling stories of our industry. The Barron Report is the "Wall Street Journal" of podcasts in the restaurant industry, where we mix interviews with the industry's best with data and analysis to reveal trends and insights never heard before."

iHeartRadio isn't only known for hosting thousands of radio stations featuring an array of music genres, the platform is expanding it's podcasts library. 

The company is already the second largest podcasting publisher in the industry, with over 520 shows. Popular podcast topics include NPR, Business & Finance, Sports, Entertainment, Food, and more. 

At the end of November, iHeartRadio updated its official iOS app so podcasts could be played through Apple's CarPlay feature. Making it even easier for listeners to play their favorite podcasts in the car.