Tracking your Customer and Power of Restaurant Apps

It’s almost impossible to avoid technology in your restaurant these days, but why would you want to? On this episode of On Foodable Weekly, we get to talk to some brands who are taking advantage of the latest in tech to improve customer experience, while also ramping up their customer loyalty.

Nicole Abraham of Luna Grill and Frank Klein of Asian Box both present some of interesting steps they’ve taken and introduce us to some of the cool technologies that they have used to grow your business.

First up? Apps.

Now a days, any restaurant can have an app. There are so many businesses that can help you make it successful too. But what does an app really add to your restaurant? For one, as Abraham says, apps are a great platform for online ordering. Online ordering is a massive trend right now and is not going away anytime soon. It's an incredible way to increase sales and it's important that restaurants are providing this option for their guests. A restaurant app can also house your rewards program making life easier for not only your customers, but also your staff. But proper use of an app is important too.

Asian Box, another California brand,  also has a restaurant app. But theirs is more focused on online ordering and less on loyalty rewards. Klein shared some impressive insights into Asian Box’s customer loyalty, touting “50% of our customers eat [with us] 4-5 times per month.” When asked how they could encourage such a level of customer loyalty, he explains that though they are a big proponent of technology use in their restaurants, they put more weight in the employee empowerment programs they have in place. These programs allow employees to recognize repeat customers and reward them with freebies and discounts.

Where Asian Box puts tech first though, is tracking customers to get a clear picture of who is coming back to their restaurants. It can be difficult to track customers when you provide in store purchasing, online purchasing, and a variety of third-party ordering systems like UberEATS or DoorDash. With a company called Olo, Asian Box is working to integrate all those points of sale into a single system.

Watch the full episode for even more insights into the powers of technology and where we can expect to see it growing in the next few years!