How Winemaking is Sparking Consumer Interest

On this episode of On Foodable Side Dish, we learn about City Winery, a concept that emphasizes pairing culinary and cultural experiences together as imagined by its founder Michael Dorf. The space aims to create the perfect setting for people who are into music, food and wine.

When the Foodable team was in Chicago, we had the chance to meet up with Rachel Speckan, the National Wine Director for City Winery. Speckan gave us the lowdown on the space and how they work to communicate with their guests to tell the brand’s story.

“People are really starting to care about where things came from, wanting to know the story behind it and its journey through life,” said Speckan. “...they really care and want to hear about its provenance and its terroir…”

The goal is to be involved in everything having to do with the winemaking process— from grape, through fermentation, to glass or bottle— to the point where a relationship is created with each step in the operation, so in turn the winemakers and staff have an intimate knowledge of what’s going on.

For Speckan, it is important that guests understand that the artisans are part of the network that feeds the city; from winemakers to farmers. “We are an urban center, but we are in the middle of a really rich kind of farmland, there’s a lot of pastures and cheese,” said Speckan. “People are just caring more and asking for it...”