2018 Power Predictions From Restaurant Guru Paul Barron

  • Paul Barron breaks down his top eight predictions for the restaurant industry.

  • Vegans, mobile payments, and off-premise leading the way spearhead Paul Barron’s 2018 predictions.

In this episode of Plugged In, Paul Barron breaks down his top eight predictions for 2018.  

2017 was an interesting year for the industry. It’s safe to say that we had one of the most interesting years on record. We saw delivery take over the food service landscape, sexual harassment claims topple industry giants, minimum wage laws finally pass, alternative protein companies do the impossible, hurricanes, fires, floods, TRUMP– and with all the innovation we ate good man, really good.

So what’s in store for 2018? 

Every year, Foodable puts out predictions guided by our CEO Paul Barron. This year we wanted you to hear them straight from the horse’s mouth. If this year goes anything like 2017, we are excited for the ride. Find out what Paul thinks the industry has in store for 2018. Some of these predictions might even surprise you.