Gordon Ramsay's New Restaurant Booked 12,000 Reservations in 10 Days

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay’s highly anticipated reality show-themed restaurant, Hell’s Kitchen, will have its grand opening January 16th, but it has already received 12,000 reservations.

“It is unprecedented,” Ramsay told the "Los Angeles Times." “We’ve never seen this kind of demand.”

The restaurant is designed to look exactly like the set of the chef’s hit reality television series of the same name, “Hell’s Kitchen.” The 300-seat restaurant opened quietly in early January, or at least that was Ramsay’s plan. The prime location and appearances by the celebrity chef made it impossible to be kept a secret.

On the show, Ramsay has gained fame for his fiery, hypercritical character.

Cooks in the 8,000 square-foot Las Vegas restaurant are dressed in uniforms coinciding with either the red or blue team, a reference to the show, and work in a “high action” open space designed to showcase the “sounds of a noisy kitchen,” "Eater" reported.


“It’s like walking onto the ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ set in L.A.,” Ramsay said. “The producers had input with the contractors, and the designers had input with the contractors.”

The restaurant is only allowing walk-ins until January 16, when bookings officially open.

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