Here's Why Foodable Expert Thinks Lemonade Is an Emerging Brand to Look Out For

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When I was first introduced to Lemonade, I thought the concept was interesting. It wasn’t until I started doing the research behind the storefront when I knew that they were going to make some noise in the industry (for the better).

There are a number of different reasons why I think that Lemonade is one of the top emerging brands of 2018.

1. Chef-Driven & Food Conscious

They are a chef-driven restaurant. The selections you get from their veggies and their meats to their hot dishes; everything is something that you would find in a scratch-kitchen restaurant. What’s really cool about that is they know that people are growing more conscious about what they purchase in terms of food so having a variety of dishes serves them well in this cafeteria-style concept.

What’s unique about Lemonade is that they offer different variations of their meats. It’s not like they have just salmon— they have a marinated salmon or an avocado stuffed with salmon or seared salmon. With the concept being very chef-driven, they get the opportunity to make variations of a dish where at a normal restaurant— there would only be one style of a fish dish option.

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2. Consistency is Key

Another thing that they’ve done really well is maintain consistency across the board even through their rapid growth. I’ve been to quite a few of their Southern California locations and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the food quality is consistent across the board, the team is consistent throughout the company and the knowledge of their team is consistent, as well.

What that shows me is that they care about their people enough to ensure they are trained properly and care enough to maintain consistency even through rapid growth.

3. Focus on Veggies

The last reason why I believe Lemonade is an emerging brand is because they aren’t just another fast casual restaurant with a plethora of options to pick from on a menu. Their focus is on the vegetable and how to make the veggies become the star of the show.

The best part about their portions is that it’s basically a choose-your-own-adventure story and you get to choose which path (or veggies) that you would like. It’s perfect for California because so many people have different dietary restrictions but anyone on any diet or a health-conscious person would be able to find something to eat here.

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They are not only an emerging brand to pay attention to in California, but I believe they can move beyond and be incredibly successful with this focus.

What’s incredibly cool about their concept is that it doesn’t have to remain the same in terms of the food that they serve. It changes based around the seasons and it changes based around the regions that they are in.

The chef still comes in and they discuss what they’re going to create that day. It’s an ecosystem that has an endless amount of options that it can curate for the customer experience. But Lemonade’s concept of local ingredients is remaining constant as they grow.

They will work with the local distributors in the areas they move into and will have the opportunity to cater to that specific community beyond what any brand has done before since most brands stick to one menu and add a “community special” to honor that community. Not Lemonade – they have the power to do whatever it takes and I know that communities will love that about them.