Shannon Allen is Changing Fast Food with Grown's All-Organic Menu

Shannon Allen grew up working in restaurants and in her father's garden.  Even though she didn't classify herself as a foodie, food was always part of her life. Then when she met her husband Ray Allen, Shannon quickly realized how important the right food was to his success on the basketball court. That's when her education in nutrition and healthy organic eating really began. Later, in 2008, her son Walker was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Shannon struggled to meet his needs while constantly on the go - thus, the concept of Grown was born. 

Striving to meet the various needs of today's consumers, Grown provides healthy and organic fast food with the convenience of a drive-thru. As an Emerging Brand, Grown is breaking the norms of the restaurant business by creating a new approach for an entirely new type of consumer. Watch the episode for more and download Foodable Labs' Emerging Brands Report to see what other restaurant brands are also on the rise.