Chef Jose Andres Vs. Ivanka Trump, Was There Really Beef After a Selfie?

Over the weekend, Celebrity Chef turned Activist Jose Andres posted a selfie on Twitter expressing disappointment after allegedly not being permitted entry to an event at a restaurant at the owner and Ivanka Trump’s request.  


Franco Nuschese, who owns Café Milano in Washington, D.C. and the first daughter have denied that there was any unfair treatment to Andres.

"I was a guest of the #alfalfaclubdinner2018 'everyone' welcome to the after party, but I'm the only individual not allow in? Is because @IvankaTrump told you so? You should be ashamed of yourself Franco," tweeted Andres on Saturday. 

"I am thankful for Jose's clarification," said Ivanka Trump in a statement to “CNN.” "I had nothing to do with anything that transpired relating to him last night at the restaurant."

Ivanka Trump apparently also responded directly to his complaint and Andres took it as an opportunity to address a political issue near and dear to his heart.

"I believe now that you personally had nothing to do. Let's now work on what's important: Immigration reform, where #DACADreamers and Undocumented citizens will become part of a strong USA. With secure borders. With economic growth,” tweeted Andres. 

When a “CNN” anchor applauded Trump’s move to personally acknowledge and apologize to Andres, the celebrity chef was quick to respond about the suspicious occurrence. 

The restaurant’s Twitter account also publicly apologized for the misunderstanding and Andres accepted and said he was “ready to move on.”

“Thank you ‪@CafeMilanoDC and Franco for the apology. I understand was a “misunderstanding”.  Still hard to understand why I was the only person not allowed in! Please people of ‪@washingtondc  keep supporting a great resturant institution. Now let’s all be friends. ‪#USAforward,” tweeted Andres.

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