Honeygrow Uses Virtual Reality Training. Would You?

Honeygrow continues to amaze with their innovation. This goes for their front-facing operations as much as the operations that go on behind-the-scenes.

Foodable has covered this fast casual brand in the past, highlighting how it made touch-screen ordering systems an integral part of its business plan, facilitating food ordering for guests by empowering them to build out their own dishes.

Something we haven’t touched on, however, is how Honeygrow uses new technology, like virtual reality, to train their employees.

That’s right— Virtual Reality or VR, for short.

The healthy, green-menu brand achieves this by having every new hire put on a virtual reality headset, experience an immersive tour of a Honeygrow location and receive an introduction from the founder and CEO, Justin Rosenberg, while hearing him talk about the company values.

The Honeygrow VR training demo, developed by Klip Collective, is also used as a recruiting tool.

“The truth is, retail, and especially fast-casual in restaurants, is so competitive for the same sample pool of people,” Rosenberg told “Entrepreneur.” “ We want people to interview and have an amazing first impression and really to want to be part of this company.”

The company uses VR later on in training through immersive games, with the goal to maintain a consistent message and engage employees at a store level as well as at a corporate level.

“I’m on there, I’m communicating with these guys, so they get to see who I am. They realize that we’re not just some corporate chain just out to make dough,” Rosenberg told “Entrepreneur.” “...my goal would be to connect with all of our team. That’s impossible, obviously, as we grow, but this is also a cool way to do that and really engage those employees.”

Rosenberg plans to study (if possible, through data) what impact this training method has on Honeygrow employees.

As technology advances, it will be very interesting to see how it continues to penetrate in the restaurant industry to help resolve everyday challenges.

To learn more read “Entrepreneur.”