Top Food and Beverage Trends Round-Up for 2018

This year is looking very promising, so far!

Foodable’s Restaurant Guru Paul Barron has already given you his restaurant industry predictions for 2018 in the latest episode of Plugged In, but what is everyone else predicting?

We’ve compiled a round-up of popular tendencies for this new year that have stood out from the rest.

Food Dive

According to “Food Dive,” companies that are open about a higher purpose and are transparent with their products will continue to see success in 2018. Sunshine Nut Company and Divine Chocolate, were two companies featured as examples.

Top Trend:

  • Mission-based companies

elderflower infused kombucha

Whole Foods Market

This Amazon-owned grocery store made many headlines in 2017, especially after the announcement of the June acquisition and what that would mean for the industry. It’s a leader in the retail industry and its every move is closely being looked at. Whole Foods Market revealed the top trends for 2018 and the following made the top two spots:

Top Trends:

  • Floral flavors
  • Super Powders
Philiphines cuisine

Travel Market Report

“Travel Market Report” released it’s list of top seven food and beverage trends for 2018. The following three stood out:

Top Trends:

  • Ethnic Food from Philippines, India and South Korea
  • One-item restaurants
  • Liquored desserts
Thai-rolled Ice Cream

National Restaurant Association

The National Restaurant Association, the organization serving the restaurant industry since 1919, puts out a list of upcoming trends annually. This year it surveyed nearly 700 professional chefs members of the American Culinary Federation on which food, cuisine, beverages and culinary themes will be hot trends on restaurant menus in the year ahead. The following four differentiated from the rest:

Top Trends:

  • Plant-based burgers
  • Hybrid fruit/vegetables
  • Peruvian cuisine
  • Thai-rolled ice cream