Foodable's 2018 Protein Sourcing Guide & Report— Most Loved Protein, Top Companies to Source From & more...

The way consumers look at protein has changed over the past decade. Gone are the days when every meal had to have a traditional protein represented as the star of the dish. But does that mean protein is in trouble? Sure, restaurant guests are looking for healthier choices and are a little more open to trying meat alternatives, but that does not mean the protein segment is dead.

So, how does each type of protein stack up in the ranking by consumers? Are you having trouble figuring out what is the hottest protein trend for 2018? Do you want the scoop to determine which top protein sourcing company is the best fit for your business?


Don’t worry, Foodable Labs has you covered. That’s right! Look no further than the 2018 Protein Sourcing Guide and Report powered by our sister company, Foodable Labs.

The free 2018 Protein Sourcing Guide provides information about millennials’ impact on protein trends; including, chicken, beef, pork, seafood, turkey, and lamb. It also features a piece that deep dives into the sustainability practices of Alaska’s seafood industry.

The exclusive 2018 Protein Sourcing Report, available for free to Foodable+ members, features 75 of the top protein sourcing companies ranked on operator and food enthusiast sentiment over the past year. With over 21.7 million conversations analyzed around these companies and products, sentiment continues to be a key indicator of the success of companies.

Based on operator, chef, and consumer sentiment, 1,800 protein suppliers were identified, analyzed, and then broken into three primary categories: product quality, product value, and brand story. Each category was weighted equally in Foodable Labs Social Insights. Over 390K operators and over 8.2 million food enthusiasts weighed in on conversations in the past 12 months. We then analyzed all conversations related to proteins, sourcing, and suppliers in Foodable Labs and then applied our Social Insights metric system to establish a three-part 100-point sentiment score averaged across the three sentiment categories.

Experience the interactive guide and download the full report to learn more!