Off-Premise Insights — What the Data Tells Us About Takeout & Catering Operations

In this episode, we talk with Darren Tristano, a foodservice trend expert and 24-year veteran of Technomic Research and Consulting, where he co-founded Technomic Information Services and continues to provide industry insights and perspectives on restaurant, consumer and menu trends.  With a pulse on the industry, we look into what the data is telling us about takeout and catering operations.

Show Notes

  • 0:30 - Introductions

  • 01:15 - Erle sets the stage

  • 02:18 - Understanding the consumer

  • 07:08 - "Online ordering is one IT project away from being eliminated"

  • 07:46 - Welcome to the show Darren Tristano - let's define off-premise

  • 10:26 - Marketing or operations?

  • 14:08 - Third party players, how can operators make it work?

  • 17:27 - Can't operators opt out and simply say I'm going to get more active in my selling?

  • 19:10 - The technology is still new

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