Marlin Network launches Foodservice Professional Panel


This foodservice marketing agency is putting together a restaurant operator panel and is looking for professionals just like you to become influencers in the industry!

Marlin Network is an agency that has been in business for over 30 years and is on a mission to engage consumers in better experiences away from home.

Currently, the agency is looking for input from operators, owners, chefs, and managers across all segments of commercial restaurants. Marlin Network wants the opinion of those people in the industry who are considered key decision makers, or the people purchasing product for their place of business.

This is an interesting opportunity for industry professionals who qualify, where they will be rewarded for voicing their thoughts on products anonymously. The company will never sell the participant’s information or market to them. Marlin Network’s goal is to better the foodservice industry and incorporate the opinions of real food industry professionals into their projects.

Panel members will have opportunities presented to them once or twice a month throughout the year, where they will have the choice to respond and take part in the study. For every study an operator participates in, he or she will be rewarded in the form of an online gift card that can be used across several retailers.

To determine if you qualify to participate in the foodservice panel, you simply have to complete a short eligibility survey, which should take less than 10 minutes to complete. If you qualify, you will immediately be entered into the panel and rewarded $15 for joining.

To see if you qualify, click here to take the eligibility survey and begin earning immediately.

To learn more about the Marlin Network, visit their website.