PepsiCo's Bubly Water to Steal A Piece of LaCroix's Market Share


Earlier this month PepsiCo introduced a new brand of sparkling water that would rival LaCroix.

According to “The New York Times,” LaCroix is the sparkling water brand that has been around for years but it is not until recently it has “seen sales soar as it developed a near cult-like devotion among millennials.”

The new PepsiCo line, Bubly, comes in eight flavors, including grapefruitbubly, mangobubly, and limebubly. The cans feature a mix of pastel and bright colors to represent each flavor along with fun sayings on the can or greeting on the pull tabs.

PepsiCo expects Bubly will be able to rail in a slice of that market share that is currently dominated by LaCroix. In that effort, the brand will feature two ads during the Oscars broadcast on March 4.

Actor Neil Patrick Harris is also expected to endorse Bubly in a campaign solely focused on funny GIFs, according to “PEOPLE.”

“I was intrigued by the notion that this whole campaign was GIF-specific because I think it speaks to how contemporary our commercial cycle is and how contemporary the product is,” Harris told “PEOPLE.” “We’re doing hundreds of different GIFs, all of the various expressions, bits, and ideas.”

Thanks to PepsiCo’s marketing-dollar-backing, Bubly is sure to attract some attention, but some experts predict the market may soon become saturated.

“There is going to be a lot of competition in the space from private label,” Duane Stanford, the executive editor of Beverage Digest told “The New York Times.” “Every store brand will have its version of LaCroix.”

PepsiCo executives are optimistic about Bubly’s odds, though.

“The category really has the wind at its back right now,” Gary Hemphill, the managing director of research at Beverage Marketing told “The New York Times.” “There is room for at least two key players, maybe three. The fact that LaCroix has been so successful doesn’t mean there can’t be room for another brand.”

To learn more about LaCroix and Bubly, read “The New York Times.”