3 Factors you Must Consider Before Building a Promotional Campaign - Part 1

In this episode of Front of House, Carrie does things a bit differently. With so many actionable steps and crucial information to share about promotional campaigns, Carrie splits episode nine into two parts, each jam-packed with everything you’ll need to know about running a promotion.

In part one, Carrie outlines a number of steps operators should consider before even deciding to run a campaign. From that point, we look at the different types of campaigns, what they can achieve, and how to ensure success through team collaboration. We’ve got a lot to cover so be sure to get your notebooks out and follow along with the show notes below.

Show Notes

  • 2:23 - This episode is JAM-PACKED! Find Part 2 HERE
  • 3:29 - 7 Steps to Design Successful Campaigns
  • 16:35 - The 3 Key Factors to Running a Campaign: What is your GOAL?
  • 17:32 - Driving Foot Traffic through the Door
  • 20:50 - Key Note: You must have a “What’s Next” plan!
  • 22:52 - How to Use Promotions to Generate Cash Flow
  • 23:52 -  Calculating the Costs of Your Promotion
  • 25:22 - Offsetting Costs with Partnerships
  • 27:50 - Profit Generating Promos - Profit is Different than Cash Flow!

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