3 Factors You Must Consider Before Building a Promotional Campaign - Part 2

In this episode of Front of House, Carrie does things a bit differently. With so many actionable steps and crucial information to share about promotional campaigns, Carrie split episode nine into two parts, each jam-packed with everything you need to know about running a promotion.

In part two, Carrie speaks to successful Chicago restaurateur Fabio Viviani about how he ensures his promotional goals are met. We discuss who his target guest is, how he markets to them, and how he provides greater value to his guests without discounting his product. Are you looking to get more people through the door, increase your cash flow, AND grow profits? We promise they are not all the same thing. Listen in to this episode of Front of House to find out how!

Show Notes

  • 9:40 - Identify Your Customer Before You Build a Campaign
  • 12:56 - Use Facebook for More Than Marketing
  • 15:35 -  Define the Purpose of Your Campaign