Motor City Seafood Contributes to Detroit's Culinary Renaissance


Detroit has been through a lot, but it is gracefully coming back as a world-class city.

One way to confirm this is through the city’s growing culinary offerings. For example, high-quality seafood.

Although, chefs “get most of the glory when it comes to dining… a chef is only as good as their vendors,” as pointed out by “Detroit Metro Times” reporter Tom Perkins.

Perkins was referring to Matthew Wiseman, in particular, co-owner of Motor City Seafood.

Wiseman, a 30-year-hospitality professional who was called “proof of the area’s food scene cementing itself” by local, award-winning Chef James Rigato, has been delivering new, high quality, sustainable, fresh, hard to find seafood to chefs in the Detroit area for over six months now.

“In six months his product list went from five to over 40 species that includes everything from a long pole-caught, Hawaiian bigeye and yellowfin to a New Zealand snapper to a rare-in-Michigan blue nose,” as reported by “Detroit Metro Times.”

Through free samples and persistence, Wiseman built a client list that includes Bacco, Takoi, and Mabel Gray to name a few.

Local chefs trust Wiseman because of his extensive knowledge and commitment to delivering the freshest seafood, possible. He assures his clients that after the fish are line-caught and arrive at the boat dock, they are immediately shipped to the airport and then picked-up by Wiseman himself. The seafood is then packed in his refrigerated van and taken to the Motor City Seafood facility to be scaled, filled, and later delivered to his loyal clients.

To learn more about Wiseman and where the seafood is coming from, read “Detroit Metro Times.”