Sexual Harassment Allegations Cloud Over Danny Meyer's Restaurant Group

There are reports denouncing Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group for not properly addressing dozens of employee complaints involving sexual harassment.

The incidents involved a couple of chefs including, Eric Korsh, the former North End Grill executive chef and Junsoo Bae the former Gramercy Tavern sous chef.

Soon after Korsh took on the position in 2014, there were instances when he allegedly made inappropriate comments about female customers that he found attractive, gave unwelcomed massages to female employees, and, in various occasions, lost his temper at the restaurant staff. Additionally, as far as Bae is concerned, the sous chef allegedly groped a server at a company party, according to “Eater.”

It looks like the human resources department for the restaurant group did not do enough to appease concerns over the matter and properly punish the alleged abusers.

These complaints are troubling no matter the circumstances, but it is important to note the fact that Union Square Hospitality Group has been regarded by many as the “poster-child” of what a company culture should look like thanks to Danny Meyer’s philosophies detailed in his book, Setting the Table, as reported by “Eater.”

Foodable has been tracking sexual harassment allegations in the restaurant industry for a while now. In 2017, we reported on allegations against Charlie Hallowell, Todd English, Mario Batali, and John Besh. We also went a step further and interviewed Human Resources Guru Carrie Luxem about how a company can better manage its team.

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