Will Taco Bell's New Products Further Position The Company As A Lifestyle Brand?

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Not only can you get food from this chain at basically anytime, wear their branded clothing line, but you can also stock your pantry with its iconic flavors; from dips and sauces to taco shells and now… tortilla chips, too?

Grocery stores will soon offer Taco Bell’s latest retail product featuring the emblematic flavors the Mexican-themed brand has grown to be known for.

Soon customers be able to get tortilla chips in three flavors: Classic, Mild and Fire.

Two of the flavors, as their names indicate, are inspired by Taco Bell’s signature sauces.

You wear what you eat. 🌮

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“The Mild tortilla chips are seasoned with the bold flavor of Taco Bell’s Mild sauce, including hints of three chili peppers and cumin,” as described in a Taco Bell statement. “The Fire tortilla chips convey the fiery flavor of Taco Bell’s Fire sauce, with hints of jalapeño, chili peppers and paprika.”

As far as for the Classic tortilla chips, a salt seasoning over a crispy texture can be expected.

The products, which seem to be another attempt by the company to push Taco Bell to become more of a lifestyle brand, will be available at grocery and convenience stores starting in May, as announced by the company last week. This push comes after the QSR partnered with Forever 21 to release a limited-edition fashion collection.

Will on-the-go, available-everywhere lifestyle products become the norm for other fast-food restaurants? Maybe if they wish to compete with Taco Bell.

To learn more, read “CNBC.”