Apothic Uses Cold Brew Coffee In It's Latest Red Blend Wine

This wine brand is launching a red fruit wine blended with cold brew coffee capitalizing on a growing coffee trend in America.

Yep. Wine + Coffee, all in a bottle.

The beverage brand responsible is Apothic Wine, which it is known for bold Red blends and innovation. So, it’s really no surprise the winemaker behind it all decided to try something new and outside of the box.

“I realized that many of the characteristics in cold brew coffee and red wine naturally complement each other,” said Debbie Juergenson, Apothic winemaker, in a press release. “This led us to experiment with a few blends, eventually leading to the seamless creation of Apothic Brew, which brings together red fruit notes and subtle mocha essences of cold brew."

The small-batch wine, which also includes notes of toasted oak, can be served at room-temperature or slightly chilled. Juergenson stated that the inspiration came after she joined the cold brew coffee craze after long hours of harvest.

Something that differentiates cold brew coffee from the traditional beverage is the fact that it uses more coffee grounds, which in turn requires a longer and more delicate steep. The process results in a smoother chocolate coffee flavor minus the bitterness that’s usually brought out by hot water.

The unique blend of Apothic Brew is available nationwide for a limited amount of time, starting April 1.

To learn more read “PR Newswire.” If you’re looking for how to pair your red wines, check out the video below.