Red Robin on Best Practices for Restaurant Takeout and Catering Differentiation

Takeout and catering are completely different businesses and the secret to making them work successfully is in the design of different consumer solutions for each channel. This includes unique transaction workflow, menus and product selection, packaging, centralized services, and workflow. Both takeout and catering have entirely different strategies.

In this episode of The Takeout, Delivery, and Catering Show, we speak with Trudy Jones, director of Alternative Platforms for Red Robin, to explore the different elements required for takeout and catering and why each one is important for delivering a brand experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

Show Notes

  • 1:55 - What is the strategy question behind channel differentiation?

  • 3:04 - Hello, Trudy Jones - Director of Alternative Platforms for Red Robin.

  • 3:40 - What falls under the umbrella of the Director of Alternative Platforms?

  • 6:45 - In this Off-Premise Paradigm, the catering expert has the expertise.

  • 8:34 - How have the operations changed and how important is the leadership?


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