White Castle Adds the Plant-Based Impossible Slider to its Menu

Move over McDonald’s, White Castle is also adding a plant-based burger to its menu.

The fast food chain has partnered with Impossible Foods to introduce a new mini slider with a veggie patty.

Coined the White Castle Impossible Slider, it will be sold at 140 of the burger chains in New Jersey, New York, and the Chicago area for now, but depending on the sales, the chain may expand the menu item nationwide.

The slider will be topped with cheddar cheese, pickles, onion, and the White Castle signature 2-inch-squared bun.

"Plant-based proteins are growing. We felt it was a good opportunity to test it with our customers," said Lisa Ingram, White Castle’s CEO. "We think it will appeal to a broad range of customers — those that are meat eaters who want to try something different and non-meat eaters who want this."

The Impossible Slider will cost a little over double the traditional mini slider, which is about 94 cents.

This isn’t the first veggie slider that White Castle has served, but the Impossible Slider is bigger.

When it comes to veggie burgers the Impossible Burger looks so much like the traditional beef burger that it even bleeds. This plant-based burger is now on the menus at over 300 restaurants and with the White Castle announcement, the veggie patty will be available at hundreds more.

But Impossible has bigger plans in the works beside expanding its vegan burger empire.  

“But we’re not a burger company. We’re a tech platform for food,” said Rachel Konrad, Impossible Foods’ chief communications officer to “The Mercury News.” “Our first product was ‘proof of concept.’ We can have second, or tenth, products after that.”

The company has plans to develop plant-based seafood, cold cuts, steaks, pork, and chicken in the future.

The vegan trend continues to grow momentum as more eaters embrace either a meat-free or meat-light lifestyle.

According to our Foodable Labs data, 78.4% of the top foodie influencers that we have indexed mentioned vegan menus, which is a 309% increase year over year. Also, concepts in the health halo sector have increased their vegan menu offerings by 211% over this year. 

Read more about White Castle’s new Impossible Slider at “USA Today.”