Pie Five Makes Low Carb, Gluten-Free Cauliflower Crust a Permanent Option on its Menu

Earlier in the year, the fast casual pizza chain Pie Five introduced a low carb, gluten-free cauliflower crust.

The crust was going to only be available for a limited time, but after a widly successful debut, the brand has decided to make it a permanent item on its menu. 

"Cauliflower is exploding in popularity due to its taste and amazing health benefits," said Christina Coy, Vice President of Marketing for Pie Five Pizza Co in press release from when the crust launched. "We were inspired to incorporate this versatile veggie to create a healthier crust that is still super delicious. Now, with the debut of our cauliflower crust, health conscious guests don't have to cut pizza out of their diet."

In January, Pie Five started selling the cauliflower crust at its locations and it quickly started to sell out. 

Cauliflower is rich in vitamins and natural antioxidants, while also being low carb. With the spike in low-carb diets over the last few years, cauliflower crust has emerged as an popular alternative. 

Evidently, today's health-conscious diners are embracing Pie Five's new crust. 

"The crust is what makes any great pizza, so it's important that our crust options are crafted using quality ingredients that taste delicious; our Cauliflower Crust definitely fits the bill," said Coy in a press release from this week. "Our Cauliflower Crust has great flavor and amazing health benefits. Load it up with all of your favorite toppings – for no extra charge – and its booming popularity makes a lot of sense. We are thrilled with the response that it has received from our loyal guests and even more excited to make it a permanent option on our menu."

The Dallas-based restaurant chain offers 40 toppings (including vegan cheese,) seven sauces, and four crust options at its 200 stores. 

Pie Five is leading the way with serving the Cauliflower pizza crust in the fast casual segment. California Pizza Kitchen was the first national restaurant brand to introduce Cauliflower crust in late 2017 and then in late January, the chain rolled it out nationwide. 

Do you think other fast casual pizza chains, like Blaze Pizza will soon follow-suit?