This Company is Marketing to Millennials by Offering Exclusive Wine Tasting Experiences 

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Often when you visit a winery, it's not an intimate experience. As areas like Napa Valley become more popular, more tour buses filled with masses drop of wine enthusiasts at thee vineyards. These wineries get crowded, especially on the weekend. 

Going to a jam-packed winery isn't everyone's idea of fun.

With that in mind, the company Which Winery, Inc is offering an elevated wine tasting experience. 

Anthony Poston and his wife Gabrielle, the wine-lovers behind the company, were inspired by European wineries and the more intimate experience they offer. 

"It's only recently European wineries entered the tourist business. For generations, the wineries were not set up to attract tour buses or long chains of drop-in travelers coming to taste and ask questions. Mostly, you needed an appointment to visit. The Postons discovered that the function of most wineries "over there" was to give the visitor personal attention—a unique experience," write "Forbes."

Poston's company caters to Millennials and the Gen-X population. His research has found that 78% of Millennials prefer an experience over a product.

So what experiences can wine connoisseurs enjoy? 

"A recent WW experience ongoing between January and April 2018 and dubbed "A Winter Woodland Tour, Tasting and Lunch," was an intimate two-hour experience with the well-respected Gary Farrell Winery. Every two-hour experience was limited to about a half-dozen people, each paying $107. In another experience, this time year-round, WW connects with Schug Carneros Estate to offer an advance booking of a 1.5-hour private tour and tasting at $105 per person. Guests who pick the Friday experience get a sit-down with Schug’s winemaker, Michael Cox," writes "Forbes."

 A big part of why customers like these experiences is the education aspect. They learn more about the wine they are tasting from a vetted out expert.

The company launched in June of 2015 and attracts wineries' participation by providing pre-paid customers, who enjoy these type of experiences much more than the traditional winery visit. 

Right now, Which Winery offers experiences in primarily in North California, but has plans to expand internationally. 

Do you think this company will take off? Learn more about Which Winery at "Forbes."

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