Will Whole Foods Be Giving Amazon Prime Members a 10% Discount?

Whole Foods' latest promo to entice Amazon Prime’s massive subscription list? A 10 percent discount. 

It’s not official yet, but the Whole Food Store in Austin, Texas tested marketing material promoting the discount. One of the banners said "blue signs mean special deals just for you, yes you."

In a typical teasing fashion, the promotional materials were up briefly then taken down the next day on Wednesday of last week. 

But again, for now, Whole Foods isn’t testing the 10 percent promo at any stores.

"We're not testing this offer at any of our stores,” said a Whole Food Spokesperson. 

A media frenzy revolving around the grocery chain and Amazon ignited ever since the E-Commerce company’s acquisition of the premium grocery chain in June. 

Since then, Amazon has slowly started to offer perks to it’s Prime members. 

“Earlier this year, it announced that Prime members who use its Visa rewards card will get 5 percent cash back when they shop at Whole Foods. It offered Prime members a special discount for Whole Foods shoppers on roses during Valentine's Day,” writes “CNBC.” “It has also been rolling out a free delivery service of Whole Foods products for Prime members.”

Back in November, Prime member could buy turkeys for 50 cents less than non-Prime members.

Whole Foods

For the last nine months, competing grocery chains have been uppin’ the ante,’ especially when it comes to on-demand delivery. 

Walmart already is gaining on Amazon. Its online sales have grown by 50% and its expanding its online grocery pickup service. The retail giant is specifically going after the apparel space.

Albertsons made a deal with Instacart to offer delivery to over 1,800 Albertsons stores by mid-2018, acquired the meal-kit delivery company Plated, and launched a digital marketplace for smaller brands. 

Even if Whole Foods hasn’t officially tested the 10 percent discount for Prim members, this promo is now on the the competing grocery store’s radar. 

Read more about Whole Foods from “CNBC.”