Zume Pizza is Aiming to License Their High-Tech Delivery Trucks to Other Restaurants

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What’s better than fresh food delivered to your door? Fresh food that was made while on its way to your door.

At least that’s what Mountain View’s Zume Pizza thinks. This startup has dozens of patents on the baked-on-the-way method they’ve been cultivating since 2016. Zume Pizza delivery trucks are also equipped with robots to make the pies.

Their 29-foot trucks are equipped with six programmed ovens, a refrigerator, compressed air, water, and electricity all powered by a diesel generator is enough to bake about 120 pizzas per hour.

“The Zume magic is its ability to predict what people order before they do,” said CEO and co-founder Alex Garden. “And then, based on those signals, you can make and locate that inventory. Having located it, you can bake it just in time without using any chemical tricks or processed foods. It’s about prediction and forward deployment.”


Zume believes they have perfected their technology enough to now license the mobile kitchens to other restaurants for food other than just pizza. Comparing themselves to the innovative company Apple allowing third parties to build on their own platform with the App Store.  

Though that claim is a bit far-fetched, food delivery is a multibillion-dollar market, and pizza sales hit about $40 billion annually, so they might be onto something.

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Aside from patenting their own inventions, Zume Pizza has a partnership with a leading company in commercial foodservice equipment, Welbilt. This partnership will allow Zume Pizza to move from being just a pizza restaurant to offering a platform for other fast casual restaurants.

Due to the craze of online ordering through apps like UberEats or Postmates, many quick-service restaurants have seen a decrease in business.

“If this helps fast-casual get more into food delivery and potentially own it, that would be big,” said Michael Wolf, founder of the Smart Kitchen Summit.

Wolf also said it could also be part of the trend toward kitchen-only locations that prepare food for customer pickup and delivery.

Garden has said Zume Pizza has a range of restaurants already interested in this innovative technology but has declined to identify any.