The Field Day App Connects Brands with Ambassadors to Execute That Last-mile Sales Opportunity

Today's restaurant chains have many channels of foodservice offerings like brick and mortar, takeout, delivery, and catering.  Many times, all of these channels are centralized under one facility.  

One challenge for these restaurants is creating a sales and marketing plan that increases awareness for all offerings.  For example, an off-premise offering is a local proposition to the consumer and for national chains that have all-encompassing sales and marketing strategies, awareness around their local offerings are generally underdeveloped.

On this episode of The Takeout, Delivery, and Catering Show Valerie and Erle speak with Alex Nocifera, founder of Field Day; a platform and marketplace for brand ambassadors helping big brands like Chick-fil-a, California Pizza Kitchen, and Red Robin drive local marketing efforts, such as catering sales outreach. 

Show Notes

00:34 - Introductions
01:08 - What do we need to know about Off-Premise sales? 
01:52 - Know the 5 pillars!
04:01 - Welcome to the show, Alex
Nocifera, founder of Field Day
04:40 - What is Field Day
09:30 - Why does Off-Premise need for this approach?

13:30 - What are the results? 
21:25 - What is the economic model? 
22:40 - How do you become an ambassador? 
23:36 - How does an ambassador drive repeat business? 
27:45 - What other sales strategies must operators consider?  Don't miss the symposium!

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