It’s Official, Patrón Was Welcomed to the Bacardi Portfolio This Week


As Cinco de Mayo approaches, many will be celebrating the Mexican holiday with tequila and most likely, a margarita.

Made from the world's finest Weber Blue Agave, one of the most popular tequila brands Patrón is now owned by a company that was founded more than 156 years ago in Cuba.

You read right!

This week, the super-premium spirits company, Bacardi, announced its acquisition of Patrón, the leading manufacturer of super and ultra-premium distilled spirits— widely known for its super-premium tequila.

This is following “a successful relationship the two companies have had since Bacardi’s initial acquisition of a 30 [percent] minority stake in Patrón Spirits in 2008,” as reported by “Business Wire.”

Bacardi Limited currently sits as the largest family-owned spirits company in the super-premium segment in the U.S. and the tequila spirit stands as one of the fastest-growing categories in the industry.

“We are delighted to welcome the team from Patrón into the Bacardi family,” said Mahesh Madhavan, CEO of Bacardi Limited in a statement. “We continue to be inspired by their passion, culture of caring, attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to quality. Our promise is to uphold these qualities to ensure the product integrity, innovative marketing, and commercial success of PATRÓN® tequila for years to come.”

It looks like the Patrón Spirits President and CEO Edward Brown shares the optimistic spirit about what is to come thanks to the acquisition, mostly involving expansion opportunities for the Patrón brand spirit line. It’s easy to see why since Bacardi operates more than 20 production facilities and sells its brands in more than 170 countries.

“Patrón has been a personal passion of mine for nearly 20 years, and I am thrilled to now be a part of the Bacardi family,” said Brown in a statement.

It will be interesting to see how these brands work together to continue capitalizing on the popularity of tequila, as well as, to see how the Patrón brand evolves.

To learn more read “Business Wire.”