Coca-Cola Launches New Innovative Freestyle Operating System


Continuing on the innovative journey, Coca-Cola Freestyle will be releasing its newest member of the Freestyle family this weekend at the National Restaurant Association (NRA)  trade show in Chicago. 

The new unit- Coca-Cola Freestyle 9100 will be available nationally in 2019, featuring a 24-inch, high-definition touchscreen, and Bluetooth connectivity. This will let consumers connect to the Freestyle mobile app when they enter an outlet with a machine and will be able to cue up their beverage choice, or create a new mix. 

In 2009, Coca-Cola Freestyle reinvented the beverage fountain experience, with a wide selection of flavors, and a fun and interactive format for consumers to get their drinks. 

“When we introduced Freestyle, it was truly a disruptive innovation,” said Chris Hellmann, vice president general manager, Coca-Cola Freestyle. “Today it’s a billion-dollar business.”

Hellman and the Coca-Cola team are utilizing technology and consumer data to continually enhance the Coca-Cola Freestyle experience they've created. 

“We've built features into this dispenser that are not only contemporary for today,” Hellmann said. “We’ve also future-proofed the platform with not-yet-activated features like audio capability, optical sensors and a new equipment option that will eventually support the addition of drink categories not available on Freestyle today, such as teas, cold coffees and new varieties of juices.”

The new Coca-Cola Freestyle operating system includes an updated touchscreen menu that’s designed to make finding beverages the consumer wants.

Coca-Cola plans to push the new Freestyle operating systems to all dispensers in the market, to deliver benefits to the consumers, restaurants, and the brand. 

The new operating system integrates with the Coca-Cola Freestyle content management system (CMS) that was pushed last year, allowing restaurants to launch exclusive Freestyle beverages and in-dispenser promotions. 

Wendy’s, for example, released a Freestyle-exclusive Dave’s Cherry Cream Soda after the founder Dave Thomas. They were able to develop this new flavor and launch it into their markets within a matter of months. 

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