Top Bar and Restaurant Trends in 2018

Year after year, consumers, and foodies alike obsess over a new trend that drives where they are going to eat. For bars and restaurants, these trends can be determined by the demographics of recurring visitors, national trends, or advances in technology. Almost halfway into 2018, Foodable has determined the top 2018 trends for bars and restaurants.

Locally Grown Produce


Consumers are more conscious of where their food is coming from. People are interested in food with fewer preservatives and artificial ingredients and support their local farms.

To accommodate consumers, implement locally grown food into menus. Restaurants are starting to source their ingredients from local farmers markets, editing their menus, and doing their research on the competition.

Loyalty Program Apps

Technology and the use of social media has an ever-present existence in a consumer’s everyday life, even more so now in the restaurant industry. Using a loyalty program app offers consumers a way to interact with your brand, and allows for you to gain more insight into their wants and needs. From restaurants like Panera Bread to Honeygrow, use a loyalty program to help them create marketing opportunities where they see fit.

Handmade Atmosphere

Consumers don’t want to feel like they are in a restaurant chain when dining. The latest trend for restaurants and bars is to present a genuine experience for their guests. Accenting restaurants and bars with designs that look rustic, and give the aura of being in a local quaint space, is quickly becoming the go-to. Restaurants and bars even go so far as to support their local artists by including their artwork in the venue.

Craft Brews and Artisan Beverages

Craft brews have become a steady trend, and are here to stay this year. According to the Brewers Association (BA), within the last year, there has been reported over 6,000 craft breweries. Restaurants and bars are incorporating more craft beers, and even local craft brews to their selections. Smaller brewers are the major focus now, the BA released its first-ever list of “Fastest Growing Craft Breweries”. Check out the Foodable Smart Kitchen and Bar episode below for a way to incorporate organic craft cocktails to your menu.