Austin Coffee Company, High Brew Coffee Closes $20 Million in Funding Round

Ready-to-drink cold brew coffee brand, High Brew Coffee has closed a $20 million funding round that was led by Charles Street Partners. This investment has become the Austin, Texas brand’s largest investment to date.

The recent funding is considered non-traditional due to the celebrity investors they rounded together such as members of rock band Kings of Leon, and celebrity chef Tim Love.

These investors all bring personal brand equity and high visibility platforms, High Brew CMO Mari Johnson stressed that “these are not endorsers” and will be able to take on more active roles beyond promotion.

“This is a partnership and they are putting their own money into it,” Johnson said “I can guarantee there’s going to be ways where you see these investors supporting the brand above and beyond, but it’s all going to work for them. We’re not looking to take advantage, we’re not looking to commercialize them and do it in a way that’s inauthentic.”

High Brew has reportedly sold more than 24 million cans in 2017 and is currently expanding their sales volume by 55% nationally.

One method of distribution for the cold brew brand is music festivals. Having sold their products at Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, Okeechobee and more with a combined attendance of about one million last year.

“When you feel like you can't make it to day three [of a music festival], that’s where High Brew kicks in,” Johnson said. “It’s not just music festivals, there’s the outdoor adventure element – it can be taken on a ski mountain or on a hike.”

The brand prides themselves on being a clean and natural energy drink that isn’t as “scary” to drink and connects with the everyday consumer like college students and office employees.

This summer, High Brew plans to release a sparkling coffee range.