Some of the Sessions You Don't Want to Miss at on May 21 is back again this year, but it returns as an interactive media event that meets silent disco.

On Monday, May 21 in Chicago, will feature ioTalks, live podcast filmings, executive interviews, chef profiles, bartender demos and the Mix-off Challenge– all of which you don’t want to miss.

The food industry continues to evolve as new technology, food and beverage trends change the consumer landscape for foodservice. 

At, we are bringing together the restaurant industry’s best innovators for the ultimate Think Tank.

With multiple sessions being filmed at once, guests will be able to move around the venue and be a part of the immersive event as the live audience. With a pair of headphones (the ones used at silent discos,) guests will tune into whatever session they want to listen to.

It's safe to say, it will be unlike any other industry event you have ever been to.

Every year, there a new challenges that operators and foodservice professionals face. With that in mind, we are introducing fresh new topics and sessions to the IO agenda.

There will be ioTalks, a panel discussion with three guests and a host; podcast filmings featuring two guests and a host; one-on-one interviews with brand executives, innovators, chefs, and more; and bar demos.

Let's take a closer look at some of the topics that will be explored at

The Future Food ioTalk's theme this year is "Feeding the Future," so the Future Food panel is going to be one of the hottest topics of the day!

Consumers are more educated than ever about food sourcing, nutrition, eco-friendly, and sustainable practices. This is driving innovative concepts and businesses to do their part to change the future of food for the better. Don't miss this ioTalk to learn how these individuals and their brands are molding the destiny of the restaurant industry.

The Female Artisans Making a Difference ioTalk 

The #MeToo movement has shone a light on the unhealthy culture that a large number of workers, especially woman in the restaurant industry have been subjected to. This ioTalk will address this challenge, the #MeToo movement's impact, how the industry is trying to move forward and improve, and what challenges the interviewees have experienced in the male-dominated industry. CEOS of the future ioTalk

The CEOs of the future ioTalk 

These are the CEOs that are setting a course for the future of the restaurant business. Learn how they are disrupting the industry, while also setting a new standard for restaurant brands.

The New Business of Artisan Beverage Podcast 

The artisan beverage industry is booming. Driven by the massive growth and new innovation in the beverage scene, these innovators being interviewed on this podcast are shaking things up. Learn about the creative process of developing an artisan beverage and how these beverage brands are standing out from the rest in this saturated market.

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Not going to be in Chicago on May 21st? Virtual On-Demand tickets are available too. Don’t miss any of the action.