Andean Dream's Organic Quinoa Pasta Solves the Gluten-Free Texture Issue

Ingrid Hirstin-Lazcano founded Andean Dream in 2006 after her husband Fernando Lazcano-Dunn introduced her to the struggles of the indigenous quinoa farmers in Bolivia. Fernando was serving as the Consul General of Bolivia in Los Angeles and introduced Ingrid to the farmers who, at the time, were living well below the poverty line.

AIming to provide help to these families, she developed quinoa cookies in her kitchen, and in June 2006, traveled to Bolivia to connect with a quinoa supplier who had obtained organic certification for 280 indigenous farming families. These families became her dedicated supplier for this superfood.

Now, Andean Dream also produces a line of gluten-free, allergen-friendly pasta that is making a name for themselves. A great option for consumers with special dietary demands, all the pastas are free from gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, and nuts. All products are also non-GMO and Fair trade.

But, perhaps what is most impressive about these pastas is the texture.

Most gluten-free pastas are disliked for their texture as they fall apart from a lack of elasticity. However, Rainforest Cafe Executive Chef Jesus Ceniceros testifies that the Andean Dream quinoa pasta holds up to regular pastas, with many customers not even recognizing that their meal is gluten-free.

“What I like best [about] that pasta is you won’t break that profile, that chewy pasta. I tried many out there, the profile is there but the texture is not,” says Chef Ceniceros.

Find that texture with Andean Dream.