Plant-Based Seafood Company Ocean Hugger Unveils Aggressive Expansion Plan

Chef James Corwell walked into the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo one day to find over 100,000 square feet of endangered yellowfin and bluefin tuna. All was sold in one morning.

According to a study published in the journal Nature, 90% of all large predatory fish (like tuna) are already gone, and the rate of fishing isn't slowing down.

One of only 60 Certified Master Chefs in the U.S., Corwell realized at this moment that “the oceans could never keep up” and thus, Ocean Hugger Foods was born.


Ocean Hugger Foods is, at its base, a plant-based meat and seafood alternatives company. But according to FoodNavigator-USA, what sets this company apart is that rather than using textured soy, pea or wheat protein with oils, gums, starches, and flavors, Ocean Hugger Foods begins with vegetables and keeps their ingredient lists short and simple.


Corwell’s first product, Ahimi®, is a raw tuna alternative made from fresh Roma tomatoes, soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil and filtered water. The product comes frozen, and once thawed, can be cut like real tuna for use in dishes like sashimi, nigiri, poke, tartare and ceviche.

Ocean Hugger Foods is gearing up for a significant expansion this year after striking deals giving them access to thousands of outlets across the US, Europe and Southeast Asia. But they aren’t the only ones diving into the plant-based seafood market. Companies like New Wave Foods, Good Catch, Gardein, and Sophie’s Kitchen are all developing plant-based seafood alternatives.


Currently, Ocean Hugger is developing eel and salmon alternatives, called Unami™ and Sakimi™, respectively. Unami™ is eggplant based, while Sakimi™ is made with carrots. Both are expected to release later this year.

For more on this seafood alternative and a Q&A with CEO James Corwell, visit FoodNavigator-USA.