Japanese Distiller Suntory Launches New Hibiki Whisky Dubbed "Blender's Choice"

In mid-May, the Japanese brewing and distilling company, Suntory made the surprising announcement that it would be discontinuing it's Hibiki 17-Year-Old Whisky. 

Suntory's Hibiki Blenders Choice

Suntory's Hibiki Blenders Choice

But just a few weeks later, Suntory said it would be launching a new Hibiki whisky expression by the name of "Blender's Choice" on September 4th. 

The whisky will only be available in the domestic Japanese market for now.

"The Hibiki Blender's Choice will be under a limited allocation," said Hasumi Ozawa, a PR representative for Suntory.

"The blend will include carefully selected vintages, married together by Suntory’s team of expert blenders. According to Ozawa, the addition of a few wine cask-aged whiskeys in the blend delivers a round, well-balanced profile and immense depth. The blend will come in 700ml bottles, at 43%, and will initially be released for the domestic Japanese market, destined for on-premises sales," writes "Forbes."

"Blender's choice" joins Suntory's two other no-age statement (NAS) whiskys that the company has in its portfolio, including the Hibiki Japanese Harmony and Hibiki Japanese Harmony Master’s Select.

Young whisky is on the rise as new whisky distilleries are popping up across the globe and as big name whisky distillers are releasing more NAS whiskys. 

Aged expressions used to be seen as the superior form of whiskys, but consumers are started to realize that this isn't always the case.

With that being said, more distillers are experimenting with new methods to produce whisky. 

"When age is no longer the main issue, distillers and blenders can experiment freely, playing with different wood finishes, younger vintages, and accelerated aging techniques. Look at the Taiwanese Kavalan distillery and the brand's success after just 10 years. It's all down to accelerated maturation, innovative production methods, and vast experimentation and passion," writes "Forbes." 

Hibiki whisky has become one of Japan's more popular liquor beverages. 

Suntory has a portfolio filled with award-winning beverages. The distiller's Hibiki 21-Year-Old whisky has received the "World’s Best Blended Whisky" five times from the World Whiskies Awards. 

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