Across Continents: Off-Premise Comparisons At Home and Abroad

Whether you’re are in the UK or the US, technology is driving innovation.  But where are we all going and are these technological solutions helping our restaurant businesses? In off-premise, delivery services and 3rd-party marketplaces are the disruptors everyone is talking about, at least over the last five years. Restaurant operators think they have little choice except to jump on the delivery brandwagon or be left behind in its wake. On this episode of The Takeout, Delivery, and Catering show, Valerie, and Erle sit down with Peter Backman, a U.K.-based consultant who specializes in the eating out market overseas. Peter, Valerie, and Erle discuss how the 5 Pillars of Successful Takeout, Delivery & Catering can reposition brands across the world to take the wheel. This discussion includes the onslaught of independent, aggregated, and third-party delivery providers, and the new paradigm of off-premise operations in restaurants at home and abroad. 

Show Notes

01:00 - Check our On-Demand!
01:30 - An intro to Peter Backman. 
04:18 - Off-premise challenges at home and abroad.
06:12 - Takeout, catering, and channel differentiation. 
08:35 - 3rd-party marketplace comparisons. 
12:47 - Where's the money? What are operators concerned about in the U.K.?

14:36 - With operators loosing so much in the delivery game, does the economic model have to shift to accommodate?
16:25 -  The "who owns the data" question is critical.
25:28 - Operators are losing on the transaction. 
27:45 - Operators get the control back and Don't miss the symposium!


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