Industry Icon Anthony Bourdain Commits Suicide, Found Dead at 61

Anthony Bourdain

The restaurant industry, along with food connoisseurs across the globe are devastated after the news broke this morning that TV personality and renowned chef Anthony Bourdain committed suicide at age 61.

The celebrity chef, known for his popular award-winning CNN series, "Parts Unknown" was found dead by his close friend and fellow chef Eric Ripert in a hotel room in France. Bourdain was on a work trip filming for his series at the time. 

"CNN" released a statement confirming the death of the star on Friday morning. 

"It is with extraordinary sadness we can confirm the death of our friend and colleague, Anthony Bourdain. His love of great adventure, new friends, fine food and drink and the remarkable stories of the world made him a unique storyteller," wrote "CNN" in a statement. "His talents never ceased to amaze us and we will miss him very much. Our thoughts and prayers are with his daughter and family at this incredibly difficult time."

Bourdain took viewers on culinary adventures all over the world, but he struggled behind the scenes with overcoming a drug addiction back in the 1980s, two divorces, and always being on the road away from his family. 

His journey to international stardom wasn't an easy one either. 

“Oh, man, at the age of 44, I was standing in kitchens, not knowing what it was like to go to sleep without being in mortal terror,” said Bourdain to "Biography" in 2016. “I was in horrible, endless, irrevocable debt. I had no health insurance. I didn’t pay my taxes. I couldn’t pay my rent. It was a nightmare, but it’s all been different for about 15 years. If it looks like my life is comfortable, well, that’s a very new thing for me.”

But in 2000, after he published his New York Times bestseller "Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly," his life completely changed. He then soon became a Food Network star with his first show "A Cook's Tour" in 2002. 

In 2007, he became a dad to his daughter Ottavia, which was his favorite, most humbling role. 

“It’s a huge relief in a lot of ways. And it’s such an understatement to say that having a kid changes your life. You’re just no longer the first person you think about or care about. You’re not the most important person in the room. It’s not your film. The music doesn’t play for you — it’s all about the girl. And that changes everything," said Bourdain to "Business Insider" in 2016.

Millions of colleagues in the industry, friends, and fans are in shock after his death and have expressed sorrow-filled words saying their goodbye to the industry icon.

"A piece of my heart is truly broken this morning. And the irony, the sad cruel irony is that the last year he’d never been happier. The rest of my heart aches for the 3 amazing women he left behind. Tony was a symphony. I wish everyone could have seen all of him. A true friend," tweeted Andrew Zimmern, celebrity chef and close friend of Bourdain. 

Foodable Network is deeply saddened by this news too. 

"Bourdain was a powerhouse in our industry like no other, his passion and vision will be missed, and I fear this will become the darkest year in foodservice history with the lack of his voice leading us," said Paul Barron, editor-in-chief & executive producer at Foodable Network. 

His suicide, along with fashion designer's Kate Spade suicide earlier this week, has brought attention to the rising suicide rates in the U.S. 

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's report published Thursday, suicide rates have spiked by 25% in the U.S. in the last two decades. 

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