The Booming Business of Coffee and Tea

On this Special Podcast recorded at, brought to you by Kabbage, we get to discuss the massive growth and new innovation in the beverage scene. In this episode, Host Yareli Quintana leads the discussion about the creative process of developing an artisan beverage, the nuances of sourcing, and personalizing experiences to gain customer loyalty. 

Joining Yareli are two restaurant industry experts, both driving forces behind two innovative artisan beverage brands. 

Michael Sheridan, the Director of Sourcing and Shared Value at Intelligentsia Coffee, oversees the work of Intelligentsia’s seven green coffee buyers, as well as offering consumers a firsthand look at the brand’s Direct Sourcing partners and processes on the Intelligentsia blog.

Allen Wang, Founder & Partner of Kung Fu Tea, brought authentic, high-quality bubble tea to America and has become America’s largest made-to-order bubble tea brand with 160+ locations across the U.S. and Canada. 

Watch the episode above to see how these brands are standing out from the rest in this saturated market.