How to Combat Minimum Wage Increases With Business Growth

On this episode of Front of House, we get to talk about the issue that's been on every operator's mind: The increasing minimum wage. For years now, there has been a shift towards increasing the minimum wage across the country, seriously impacting the restaurant industry. While operators may find themselves on either side of the issue, there a few facts about the issue that need to be addressed. 

At the top of this episode, Carrie speaks with Jot Condie, President and CEO of the California Restaurant Association, about how changing legislation has begun to affect California restaurants. Carrie offers up her expertise with the Australian wage system, in which the minimum wage is set at $18 an hour, and sparks a great discussion about how restaurants can face these changes. 

Later, Carrie dives deeper into steps restaurants can take to better position themselves in this minimum wage shift. From investing in your team to creating efficiencies, Carrie shows that cutting costs is not the only way to combat higher wages. Be sure to listen in on this episode of Front of House for a thorough list of business tips that will mitigate any minimum wage stressors you may be feeling.

Show Notes

  • 41:50 - California Restaurant Association
  • 43:20 - Getting Away from the Cost Cutting Mindset 
  • 51:54 - Australian Wages
  • 56:00 -  Investing in Educating your Team
  • 59:55 - Customers Will Pay Higher Prices