5 Commercial Gadgets Your Restaurant Needs

Commercial Kitchen Operations

In many kitchens, the classic ways to prepare foods are still seen as the best ways. However, hopefully by now you’re aware of and can see the benefit in products such as immersion circulators. Let’s take a look at five more restaurant gadgets that are quickly growing in popularity. Whether you’re looking to incorporate some exciting new menu items or just want to push the envelope with fun tools, check out these commercial gadgets your restaurant needs.

1. Smoke Guns

For the kitchen or bar that holds smoke notes dear, these guns produce cold smoke, allowing it to be used with any type of food or liquid. Ideal for finishing touches on cocktails and plated dishes.

Smoke guns use a small amount of combustible product. Items such as wood chips, teas, herbs and spices can all be used in creating unique smoke aromas. This combined with their portable nature definitely give them an edge on traditional methods for imparting smoke.

2. Rotary Evaporators

Professional chefs working in a restaurant kitchen

A personal favorite, rotovaps are making their way out of the laboratory and finding themselves in commercial kitchens. In this setting, rotary evaporators allow you to distill, separate, or purify any type of liquid.

For a robust bar program, the possibilities are numerous. A rotovap allows bartenders and chefs alike to create infusions and concentrations of extremely high quality.  

If you’d like to jump into some of the literature on rotovaps in the kitchen, Harvard has published a great collection of information.

3. Ultrasonic Homogenizers

Ultrasonic homogenizers absolutely excel in two areas (think emulsions and infusions). By using low heat sound vibrations, these machines can decrease the production time of some tricky products.

Infusions no longer take weeks and emulsifications can be perfectly homogenized in seconds. In addition to speed, there is also the ability to produce a consistently high-quality product.

4. Anti-Griddle® 

Flash freezing takes on another form with the use of these griddles. The surface, at about -30° F, quickly freezes product. This process is ideal for sauces, purees, creams, and foams. The end product has a hardened frozen exterior and a cool liquid interior.

For restaurants looking to add a new element to their pastry program or offer cool new treats, these freeze-tops can be an affordable option.

5. TempTrak®  

Commercial kitchen

Rounding out the list is the TempTrak® enterprise wireless monitoring system. Previously, we spoke about the importance of monitoring the temperatures of refrigeration units within your establishment. This product offers an integrated system for remote monitoring and help keep product better longer.

Benefits include greater savings by reduction of food waste and the ability to preserve high-quality food product better for longer. If you’re going to invest in gadgets to add innovative products to your menu, be sure to store all that new product at optimal temperatures.

The purchase of a new kitchen gadget should be exciting. Give chefs and bartenders an opportunity to supplement their knowledge and learn new techniques, all while developing innovate new menu items.