5 Value Wines to Add To your Restaurant's Menu

Grilled fish with a white wine glass

A lot of today's wine drinkers aren't pretentious. Millennials, in particular, aren't looking for the most expensive vino they can buy. They are looking for affordable, yet delicious options that pair well with their food selection. 

With that in mind, "PUNCH" recently released a list of five wines under $20 a bottle. Not only are the wholesale prices on these wines inexpensive, but your profit margins on these bottles and the wine by the glass will be high. 

So let's take a closer look at these recommendations from "PUNCH." 

Miotto Prosecco Col Fondo "ProFondo"

August may be almost over, but the summer favorite Prosecco is popular all-year round. This Miotto prosecco is "bright, lemony and refined, with that subtle prosecco sweetness, and the cloudy, creamy aspect that defines col fondo." It also retails for only $14. 

Vigneto Saetti Lambrusco Dell'Emilia "Rosso Viola"

Move over sparkling white wine, this red is without any added sulfur dioxide, which consumers commonly have an allergy to. 

Unlike sparkling white, this wine has a taste that is "chewy, almost bark-like—Saetti is always this way—with ripe plum fruit and a sense of cool clay minerality (like, wet clay)." 

Casale Marchese Frascati Superiore

Looking for a fresh, yet bold white wine to add to your menu that goes great with a grilled fish? This Frascati retails for just $12 and is "fresh without being shrill, full-textured without being boring."

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Need some more wine pairing inspiration? check out the video below!