Exclusive Across the Bar Episodes are Now Available to Stream for Amazon Prime Members

Exclusive Across the Bar Episodes are Now Available to Stream for Amazon Prime Members

Are you a craft cocktail lover or an operator looking for some boozy inspiration for your beverage program? Are you also an Amazon Prime member?

If you answered “yes” to both of these questions– then it’s time to rejoice! 

Foodable Network has hand-picked some of the most popular Across the Bar episodes, which are now available to watch and download for free for Amazon Prime members. This is the first batch of a Foodable show available now on Amazon, but don’t worry there is much more to come!

"In the age of digital media, we've done a bit of a 180 as content creators. The viewing experience is proliferated and no one has a monopoly on the audience," said Nathan Mikita, director of new media at Foodable Network. "Foodable's content is produced to appeal to a wide demographic of food and beverage enthusiasts, DIY restauranteurs, and the high-level food service professional. We are excited to bring that content to the Amazon Prime audience."  

Foodable Network was and remains to be at the forefront of On Demand content, especially in the restaurant hospitality space. 

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Best-Selling Mexican Tequila Brand Jose Cuervo Takes a Shot at February IPO

By Mae Velasco, Associate Editor

After postponing its IPO twice last year when the value of the peso nosedived 15 percent to record lows in the aftermath of Donald Trump's election (undoubtedly in connection to Trump's opposition to the North American Free Trade Agreement and his incitive rhetoric regarding relations with Mexico), tequila brand Jose Cuervo is taking its shot at going public.

This isn't light news to swallow, considering this 200-something-year-old company doesn't just boast 11 generations of tradition — also owning 35 percent of the worldwide tequila market share and 33 percent in the United States' tequila sector in 2013, Jose Cuervo is expected to have a highly successful launch.

In the last few days of January, it was said that the brand was formally marketing deals across multiple cities and that investors can expect a price as early as Wednesday, Feb. 8. According to International Business Times, the company is aiming to raise over $700 million in an initial public offering and is opening up 476.6 million shares between 30 to 34 pesos each, or about $1.41 to $1.60.

Since 2002, sales of tequila in the U.S. have more than doubled in volume, skyrocketing from 7.2 million cases to 14.8 million in 2015, Quartz reported, citing the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. And with North America making up about 60 percent of Jose Cuervo's sales volumes, it's not surprising that there are lot of eyes on this IPO and a lot of hope for it to go well.

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Still, despite its success with tequila, Jose Cuervo has been working on diversifying its product lines, when just a few years ago it traded its control of tequila maker Don Julio for Bushmills Irish Whiskey.

"We were a company in which 80 percent of our sales were tequila. We wanted to get rid of that independence," Juan Domingo Beckmann, CEO of Casa Cuervo, said to Latin Trade Magazine. Jose Cuervo stated the proceeds would fund its growth, expand its portfolio, and go toward the development of its Mexican hometown, Tequila, which is fitting for this tequila brand.

Yet, the day after Jose Cuervo announced its upcoming IPO, Whitehouse spokesperson Sean Spicer said that a 20-percent border tax on Mexican goods would go toward building the border wall. Later on, he clarified that this was "not a policy proposal," but an example of ways the wall could be paid for. Will the actions of the Trump administration put more salt in Jose Cuervo's shot at an IPO? Or could the 15-percent drop in the peso be a long-term advantage for Cuervo by making its products more affordable in the U.S., as Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Julie Chariell suggested? And why did the brand mark February on the calendar after the November election?

Analyst Gerardo Copca of MetAnalisis, a Mexican-based financial advisory firm, said a factor of its timing was decided on the dialogue relationship between the two countries.

"The governments of Mexico and the United States are going to dedicate themselves to negotiation that creates confidence," he told International Business Times. "Mexico's stock market has shown that recently."

Tequila lovers will soon see how this tequila titan performs when it comes to stock, but no matter which way the dice rolls, it's time to stock up on the glasses and limes. Read More

Coffee Demand at an All-Time High. Supply? Not So Much


U.S. demand for coffee is at an all-time high. In fact, consumption of hot coffee will be 6.8 pounds per capita in the United States, according to Euromonitor International.

The proliferation of coffee shops, single-cup brewing machines, and the cold brew market have expanded the attractiveness of the industry to even more consumers in recent years. In fact, four out of five consumers now drink coffee, according to Mintel.

“Consumers want new experiences with their coffee, and coffee houses and manufacturers are providing premiumized innovations and experiences with culinary influences,” Elizabeth Sisel, a beverage analyst at researcher Mintel, told Bloomberg. “Luckily, there is a large audience available to reach out to.”

Perhaps not as lucky is the fact that there may not be enough supply to meet the demand. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, by the fourth quarter, global inventories of coffee beans could drop to a four-year low.

At the same, recent heavy rains in Brazil have hurt coffee plants. Drought has been so hard on robusta plantations that prices for the bitter-tasting type of coffee that’s usually the cheapest can now be at levels exceeding costs for some Arabica beans. Some roasters are changing their blends, which could squeeze supplies of the higher-quality bean even if farmers harvest a big crop.

“Between tight supply, potentially detrimental weather and extremely strong global demand, especially emanating from the U.S., China and India, that will continue to tighten coffee markets,” Harish Sundaresh, a portfolio manager and commodities analyst for Loomis Sayles, told Bloomberg.  “With the U.S. being the largest consumer, any demand growth there will create massive changes to the demand-supply balance.” Read more

Lagasse's Stadium Named 2016 Sports Bar of the Year

Lagasse's Stadium | Facebook

Lagasse's Stadium | Facebook

Earlier last month, Las Vegas hosted the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show that celebrated the top establishments in the national beverage industry. In addition to hosting the awards, the Las Vegas bar scene also took home a number of top honors. 

Emeril Lagasse's Lagasse's Stadium was awarded the 2016 Sports Bar of the Year award and Nectacly Mendoza, bartender of Herbs & Rye, a speakeasy bar, was awarded Bartender of the Year. 

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Coffee Byproduct Cascara Quickly Becoming Dallas' Newest Trending Beverage

Coffee culture has gone through a revolution nationwide with a growing number of small, specialty roast houses sourcing sustainably grown beans from around the world. Yet recently in Dallas, another coffee inspired beverage has begun making waves: cascara. A byproduct of coffee harvesting, cascara is made from the fruit that is often discarded during coffee bean harvest. Prepared more like a tea than a coffee drink, cascara offers a smaller amount of caffeine than coffee, but a larger amount of antioxidants. Local Dallas coffee houses and roasters such as Davis Street Espresso and Full City Rooster have each begun offering the beverage to their customers and have noticed a growing consumer interest.

Additionally, coffee purveyors are not the only beverage industry to take an interest in cascara, with Dallas' local brewery Small Brewpub experimenting with utilizing the ingredient in their cascara infused pale ale. Read More

Franconia Brewing Co. Releases Small Batch, "World Tour" Beer Series

Dallas' Franconia Brewing Co. was one of the area's first major breweries and has established a reputation for brewing using traditional German methods. Yet now, the brewery is set to conquer to world with a small batch series of beers that express traditional styles from across the globe. The series is called the "world tour" series and focuses on a variety of international countries' traditional styles and ingredients, offered to the public every three months.

To kick of the series, Franconia began with a traditional English Stout, and is set to follow that release with a Belgian ale in May followed by a champagne ale in August, culminating with a Baltic porter in November. The beers are released in both bottles and kegs, although are incredibly limited. Read More

Local Favorite Spirit Ojen Makes a Heralded Return to NOLA Bars and Restaurants

Ojen Based Cocktail | Sharon Pye

Ojen Based Cocktail | Sharon Pye

New Orleans is well known as a booze lover's haven, with a number of unique cocktails hailing from the city's vibrant bar scene. Spirits such as Absinthe have long been associated with the area, yet another spirit also has historic ties to NOLA and is making its heralded return.

Earlier this month, New Orleans welcomed back into its bars and liquor store Ojen, an anise flavored liquor from Spain that had previously been out of production. With a history dating back to the 1800's. Ojen was a favored drink of many artists and musicians, much like absinthe. After production ceased, NOLA went without the liquor for quite some time until just this year, local based The Sazerac Company revived it.

Learn more about the spirit's long history in NOLA here

SF Bartenders Create Cocktail-Driven Encanto Pisco

Photo Courtesy of Encanto Pisco

Photo Courtesy of Encanto Pisco

By Allison Levine, Foodable Contributor

Encanto Pisco, started in 2010, is a brand made “from the heart” by three seasoned industry friends: award-winning distiller Carlos Ruben Romero-Gamero, bar owner Duggan McDonnell, and sommelier Walter Moore. The three men first met at McDonnell’s bar, Cantina, in San Francisco and with their knowledge in various aspects of the business (distillation, cocktail creation and wholesale), they created Encanto Pisco

“As a sommelier, I wanted something sippable,” says Moore. “And as a bartender, Duggan wanted something mixable. Carlos wanted something brilliant that reflected his 32 years of experience as a distiller.”

Read more as we chat with Moore about the building of the brand.

Dallas Suburb Named as Top Craft Beer Town


One of Dallas' most acclaimed suburbs, McKinney, has just been named to Livability.com's list of America's top beer towns. Using the simple criteria of "They are good places to live, they are consumers of craft beer, and they are producers of the best beer around," the website identified McKinney as one of the best, aided by its newly revitalized Main Street as well as its ever-growing number of microbreweries.

In addition to McKinney, fellow Texas craft-beer capital Austin was also named to the top list as well. Read More