A Taste of What The Top 50 Sandwich Innovator Guide and Report Has In Store

On this episode of The Barron Report, host Paul Barron shares data insight ahead of the free Top 50 Sandwich Innovator guide and report releasing next month.

The video podcast above will reveal the ranking of seven of the Top 50 Sandwich Innovators, including Cochon Butcher, Pincho Factory, and Luke’s Lobster.

Barron will also identify which are the top five sandwich chains that are leading the market and how their guest-visit-frequency percentages compare to those of the Top 50 Sandwich Innovator concepts.

When it comes to the sandwich innovators, their brand advocates visit the concepts twice as much as those for the top five sandwich chains. “This is an astounding number. One that I had to double-check the data to understand what exactly was going on there,” said Paul Barron.

If you'd like to learn more about why high-quality ingredients are so important and insight on some of the brands featured in the report, be sure to check out our sneak peek.

Stay tuned for the release of the Top 50 Sandwich Innovator guide and report which will also help operators understand why these regional sandwich brands are doing so well with customers through their visual marketing efforts.