AR and VR Revamp Restaurant Experiences for Customers and Employees

Just a few years ago, virtual and augmented reality experiences seemed incredibly futuristic, but VR headsets AR technology are now becoming more affordable and companies are beginning to make the investment into developing these experiences, clearing the path for VR and AR to work their way into daily use.


With experiences like the Museum of Ice Cream and 29 Rooms showing incredible success, industry brands are taking note and, according to “TechCrunch,” are beginning to reallocate advertising dollars to building experiences into their food and beverage offerings.

Consumer product companies like Coca-Cola and Treasury Wine Estates (makers of Beringer, Lindeman’s and 19 Crimes), have begun expanding their brand experiences by adding augmented reality videos to their logos and labels, extending the brands’ storytelling abilities further than a label could normally go. For example, using 19 Crimes’ AR app, customers can see and hear the convicts pictured on the 19 Crimes labels tell their stories.

Seeing such great value in this technology, the restaurant industry has begun testing multiple types of virtual and augmented reality experiences, not only for their customers but also for their employees. Restaurants, like Honeygrow, have created entire training videos in virtual reality. And while there are still improvements to be made in the tech, tests done by Google’s Daydream Labs have shown that VR training actually improves speed of learning and information retention.


Training can be an extremely expensive part of onboarding when given the attention it needs. In the past, businesses may have had to choose between large-scale training groups for the sake of efficiency or hands-on one-on-one training which can be time-consuming and costly. With virtual reality technology, operators can ensure thorough and consistent training for all employees while freeing up the time of trainers, saving time and money while ensuring a perfect training experience every time.

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