Arby's Won't be Adding Plant-based Burgers to its Menu

While other fast food brands like White Castle and Burger King are embracing plant-based burgers, Arby's will not be jumping on the veggie-burger bandwagon.

After "VegNews" mentioned that Arby’s was one of the many chains to reach out to Impossible Foods, a popular plant-based company that has partnered with restaurants across the country to serve its Impossible Burger, the fast food giant issued a statement making it clear that veggie-burgers won't be added to Arby's menu.

“Contrary to reports this week, Arby’s is not one of the restaurant companies interested in working with Impossible Foods,” said Arby’s in a statement. “The chances we will bring plant-based menu items to our restaurants, now or in the future, are absolutely impossible.”

Although it may be a controversial decision considering plant-based diets are becoming more popular, Arby's marketing campaigns are centered around its real juicy meat. The chain's slogan is “We Have the Meats" with TV Spots showcasing its meat stacked sandwiches like its"Bacon 'n Brisket Beef 'n Cheddar" sandwich.

"As reported by outlets like Adweek and Fortune, Arby’s “We Have the Meats” campaign has been credited with sparking a major turnaround for the brand. It’s easy to see why they wouldn’t want to undermine that message and, instead, decided to use this as a chance to double-down on something that’s been working," writes "Food & Wine."

But the brand doesn't seem opposed to incorporating less popular meat on the menu. As "Food & Wine" points out, Arby’s has rolled out venison nationwide and has also served duck and elk sandwiches in the past.

So will this decision backfire for the chain? Or is it admirable that Arby's is embracing why most of the guests visit the chain in the first place?

Read more about Arby's statement at "Food & Wine" now.

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