Are Some Amazon Employees Accepting Bribes From Merchants?

Amazon seller

The tech giant Amazon is investigating if independent merchants using the platform are bribing Amazon staff members in exchange for data, according to a recent report from the "Wall Street Journal."

"In exchange for payments ranging from roughly $80 to more than $2,000, brokers for Amazon employees in Shenzhen are offering internal sales metrics and reviewers’ email addresses, as well as a service to delete negative reviews and restore banned Amazon accounts, the people said," writes "The WSJ."

The illegal practice is primarily occurring in China due to the large number of sellers in the country. Also since Amazon's Chinese employees get paid smaller salaries, they are more likely to accept kickbacks.

With the help of third-party brokers, the employees are recruited on apps like WeChat where they are offered deals like for $1500, the employee will delete at least five negative reviews.

Other deals include in exchange for a monetary amount, the merchant will be given the mail addresses of reviewers or the Amazon employee will restore a ban on an account.

However, Amazon is looking into the illegal activity.

"Amazon has flagged a number of cases involving its employees—at least a few of whom are in the U.S.—as well as “shuffled the roles of key executives in China” to stop the misconduct, the paper added," writes "Gizmodo."

Amazon also told "The WSJ" that it holds its "employees to a high ethical standard and anyone in violation of our Code faces discipline, including termination and potential legal and criminal penalties."

Learn more about Amazon's investigation into if staff members are accepting kickbacks for favors at "Gizmodo" now.

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