Avoid the Hangover With Georgos' Healthier (Nu) Greek Wine

On this episode of The Barron Report, we talk to a winemaker focused on making a "better-for-you" wine. Native to Greece, Georgos Zanganas had a rude awakening when he had a couple glasses of wine leaving him with a terrible headache. Realizing what made Greek wine special, Georgos set out to bring Greek wine to America. With only non-GMO grapes and low sulfites, Georgos wines are said to be healthier.

Show Notes

  • 1:02 - The Beginning
  • 2:07 - Where are the Greek Wines?
  • 3:31 - Making Georgos Wines
  • 5:28 - What does (Nu) Greek Wine mean?
  • 7:28 - Partnering with Whole Foods
  • 9:11 - Customers respond to Lower Alcohol Content
  • 16:45 - The Rosé Movement
  • 14:42 - The Impact of the Sonoma Fires
  • 16:25 - Supporting the Fight against Alcohol Addiction